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Why Chicago T1 Connections are Downright Cheap
T1 line prices in the Chicago area have plummeted recently, making them practical for many smaller businesses.

Chicago, Illinois occupies a strategic position in the middle of the country, making it a logical point of presence for just about all competitive telecom vendors. With the expansion of fiber optic networks, the term GigaPop or gigabit point of presence is becoming more popular. In fact, Chicago is a GigaPop for Abilene, the high speed research network also known as Internet2.

Here are some examples of competitive carrier networks running through Chicago. XO runs an national OC-192 IP backbone running at 10 Gbps with OC-12 uplinks in the Chicago metro area. Megapath has a POP with 2 x GigE circuits to destinations on the East and West coasts. Broadwing's all-optical network POP offers ATM, Frame Relay, Dedicated Internet, private lines and Ethernet access. Other carriers such as Sprint and ACC Business also offer the full spectrum of telecommunications transport services for small business to major corporations.

The Reason T1 Prices Have Tumbled in Chicago
The trickle-down effect of so much high speed bandwidth from many competing carriers is that lower speed services such as DS3 and T1 lines are no longer the exclusive and pricey options affordable only by large businesses and educational facilities. They T1 line you order today might cost as little as half what it did a year or two ago.

Just in time, too. Downtown and suburban Chicago businesses of all sizes have a growing need for digital connectivity. T1 lines are essential for point of sale transactions, financial reporting, PBX phone systems, voice and data convergence using VoIP, point to point virtual networks, and dedicated Internet access.

Types of T1 Line Services Available
T1 lines come in different flavors. You can configure a T1 line for local and/or long distance telephone service for a call center or office phone system. A dedicated Internet T1 gives you highly reliable access suitable for email and Web servers and broadband phone. Integrated T1 combines Internet access with standard telephone service on one line. Private line service offers secure connectivity between business locations.

Another bonus of T1 line service is that you can increase your bandwidth incrementally by bonding T1 lines together to create multiples of 1.5 Mbps service. Start with one T1 line and bond in more as your business grows.

How About Ethernet?
Carrier Ethernet directly competes with T1 and is available with both copper and fiber optic delivery. Bandwidths range from 2 or 3 Mbps on the low end up to 10 Gbps and beyond. Pricing per Mbps is more attractive than T1 lines.

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