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2004 - 2005 Article Post List for the Telexplainer
A map of content on the Telecom Explainer, organized by month posted

December, 2005
Motorola i560 is One Tough Cell Phone
Samsung MM-A940 Two Megapixel Camera Phone
Samsung A900 Rivals Motorola RAZR V3 Black
Free Razor RAZR V3 With T-Mobile Wireless
Motorola i870 Camera and MP3 Music Phone
T1 PRI For Call Centers
Motorola RAZR V3c Razor Special For Verizon
Motorola RAZR V3c Razor Is Here On Alltel
Katrina Makes a Mesh Out of New Orleans
Samsung D307 is Built For Messaging

November, 2005
Motorola i530y Rugged Cell Phone Free
Samsung T309 Instantly Free Cell Phone
FREE iPod Shuffle with FREE BlackBerry 7100g
Motorola "Razor" Phone Deal
Chicago as a Broadband Hub
Network Convergence For The Smaller Business
Boingo is Now Also Boeing-Go
Fractional DS3 Applications

October, 2005
Wide Area Computer Networking
What is ISDN?
Colocation Bandwidth Advantages

September, 2005
Ultra-Reliable Internet Service
Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Bandwidth
LG VX8100 Audio Video Cell Phone

International Callback With a VoIP Flair
Hurricane Katrina, The American Tsunami
BlackBerry 7100g PDA Phones on Sale

Verizon Wireless VCAST is Video For Cell Phones

August, 2005
Cut Your Telecommunication Expenses With a Free Telecom Consultant
Faster Cellular Broadband Service Coming
HP iPAQ HX2415 Pocket PC

Last Call for Packet8 VoIP Discount
WiMAX Tomorrow, EV-DO Today
Samsung i730 Pocket PC and PDA Phone
T1 Telephone Service
Net10 Prepaid Cell Phones Are Hot

July, 2005
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Telephone Headset Trial
High Speed Internet via Satellite
CallWave's Interesting Telecom Accessories
Globat Web Hosting 75% Off Summer Specials
Kall8's Auto Attendant is a Virtual PBX or Switchboard
OPEX Communications Advantages for Business

GoToMyPC Internet Remote Access
PalmOne Treo 650 Half-Price
PC Cellular Air Cards Now Free

Free RAZR V3 and BlueTooth Headset Through July 4

June, 2005
BlackBerry 7290 Wireless Handheld Free
Dial-up Internet Service via WiFi
Motorola T-900 Text Messaging
Build a Business Web Site in 5 Minutes Flat
Pay As You Go Internet Access
What is a T1 Router?
VoIP Telephone Service With New Discount
Internet Web Conferencing Gets Cheap and Easy
What's The Bandwidth of a T1 Line?
Receive and Send Faxes Online
When Switched Long Distance Service is Best

May, 2005
Business Long Distance Rates Search Tool
EV-DO Gives You Broadband Internet On The Go
Stratellites are Starting to Fly
How T1 Works in Rural Areas
T3 Internet
Getting From Point to Point
What's The Difference Between DSL and T1?
What's The Difference Between T1 and POTS?
Virtual Calling Cards Make Sense For Business

April, 2005
What's The Difference Between DS1 and T1?
GPRS Enables Cellular Internet
What's Inside Intel's New WiMAX Chip
How DOCSIS Mixes Broadband With Cable TV
Video Transport on Digital Private Lines
Understanding DS3 and T3
HomePlug Gets The Jump On BPL
What Is Dedicated Internet Service?
You're Fibered!
Asynchronous Pulsed Radiated Incident Light Communications

March, 2005
How Pagers Got Their Beep
Turning Junk Frequencies Into Gold
Cheap Business Continuity Insurance
Can Gigabit Hotspots Be Far Off?
MIMO Makes Radio Interference Your Friend
Slicing and Dicing Digital Carriers
Wi-Fi Is Being Groomed As A Serious Carrier
When The Speed of Light Is Too Slow
WiMAX Moves Out
Gigabit Ethernet Leaves The Office
Upgrade Your Business Image
Softphones Turn Computers Into VoIP Telephones
What's Spooking The ILECs
Telephone's Undertaker
The Biggest Communications Bird Is Up
Broadband In Space
Generalized MPLS Improves Optical Networks
Channelized vs Unchannelized T1 Lines
Why T1 Prices Have Tumbled
How Bluetooth Cuts The Cord
Thank Hedy Lamarr For Bluetooth
How The International Business Traveler Stays Connected
1G, 2G, 3G, 4G
Recycling TV Bands Into Broadband
Is Long Distance Service Dead or Alive?
Fiber, Fiber, Everywhere You Dig

February, 2005
Direct Inward Dialing Saves Lines
BPL, I Hear You Whistling Through The Wires
Sharing Phone Lines
Copper That Thinks It's Fiber
Outsource Your Number Crunching
Connect Aloft With The Flying ISP
MPLS Networks Are Coming Your Way
Voice Over Whatever
Wireless Mesh Networks and Broadband Co-Ops
Outsourcing The PSTN Gateway
Synchronizing FM Radio Stations With T1 Lines
The Shock and Awe of Competitive Quotes
Control Your Computers With KVM
Dedicated Internet for Farms
When Dial-Up Internet Service Makes Sense
Your Next ISP is a Blimp
Why TDM Voice is Hard to Beat
Enabling Telecommuters

Wavelength Services for Bandwidth Ala Carte
What's The Difference Between T3, DS3 and OC3?
Why PRI Over T1?
Boosting Business With Toll Free Numbers

Creating The Virtual Office
The Holy Grail of Five Nines Reliability
Does Your VoIP Have a Lifeline

Way Beyond 3-Way Calling
Pagers Still Viable For Business

January, 2005
Endless Calling Cards
2005: A Home Networking Odyssey
The VideoPhone Has Finally Arrived
OptiPuter Puts Dark Fiber to Work
Customizing Your Telecom Services
Hosted PBX Lets Small Businesses Act Big
Backup Your ISP With MultiHoming
Connecting The Supply Chain
Now Everybody Is In The Phone Business
Speeding UP Medical Networks
Protect Your Wireless Network From Snoops
Incredible Reseller Web Hosting Sale
Turning Analog Phones Into VoIP Phones
Bootstrap Yourself Into Web Hosting
New Edge Network's Award Winning VPN
Wi-Max: The 800 LB Wireless Gorilla
ATM Networks: Little Cells Doing Big Things
Frame Relay as a Networking Option
T1 Lines and Full Duplex Communications
Grid Computing: Supercomputing with PCs
PoE Gives You Power Over the Ethernet
Asia Builds a Bigger, Better Internet
Business Telecom Trends Starting 2005

December, 2004
Tsunami Deja Vu
Ethernet's Hidden Speed Trap
Bonded T1 Lines for Bigger Data Pipes
Half a T1 is Better Than None
T1 Lines for Audio Transport
When Computers Can't Keep Up
Are Your Ready To Move to The OC?
Convergence Without VoIP
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