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2009 Article Post List for T1 Rex's Business Telecom Explainer
A map of the most recent content on the Telecom Explainer, organized by month posted.

December, 2009
Five Years Of The Explainer
Networking Multiple Locations
Get After Christmas Cash From Old Gadgets
It Really Knows When You Are Sleeping
The LAN WAN Connection Made Easy
Your Smartphone Business Office
Do You Have A Poken Card?
The Outlier Effect And Your Success
Will Ethernet Crush DS3?
Can You Get To The Cloud?
Christmas Gifts For Boomerangs
The Sweet Touch of LG Chocolate
Poken Around For Business Leads
My MPLS Network Can Beat Up Your Frame Relay Network
What Is The Real T1 Line Speed?
FlexTelONE Offers Four Calling Services in One
Business Cards Go Green With Poken
Holiday eCards For Business
Poken Enhances Face to Face Social Networking
XO Launches SIP for Multi-Location Businesses
FastE and GigE WAN Connections

November, 2009
Cyber Monday Cell Phone Deals
Santa Is Real And Here’s The Proof
Happy Thanksgiving
Solstice Before The Solstice
Ethernet From Coast To Coast
Copper Thrives In The 21st Century
Do You Need A Special Phone For VoIP?
Ethernet Internet For Your Business
DROID is the Woid
Host Gator Serves The Web On Texas Wind Power
TelePacific Takes Business Continuity Seriously
MegaPath’s Black Friday Strategy
Wireless Business Broadband Available In A Day
Fast MEN Available Cheap

October, 2009
Going Rogue But Not Rouge With Samsung
Fiber Is The New Wireline
Your Cell Phone Is A Tool For International Business
Dedicated Internet Access Via Ethernet
Toll Free Number Includes Conference Calling
Greening The Product Life Cycle
The Stunning Truth About Metro Ethernet Prices
Comprehensive Network Services From Telarus
Residential and Small Business VoIP Rates Crushed
Celairo Offers Gigabit Wireless MWAN Services
The Coming Low Power Revolution
Banish Vampires To Reduce Global Warming
Every Home And Business Is A Battery
The Green Energy Fairy Tale is Real
Blog Action Day For A Less Toasty Tomorrow
Wrapsol is Like a Force Field Around Your Gadgets
TelePacific’s SmartVoice Trunking Offers Telephone Smarts
Two T1 Lines For The Price of One
Why The WAN Lags The LAN
Speed of Metro Ethernet Zooming
The Wall Wart Is A Computer
ElephantDrive Never Forgets Your Files

September, 2009
Middle Mile Bandwidth Solutions
High Fiber Diet for Business Not Expensive
MPLS Networks As The Universal WAN
Try Computer Based Video Training Free
PBX Telephone Connection Services
Ethernet Offers Lower Cost Carrier Grade Fiber Solutions
Get Ready For The Recovery With Bandwidth on Demand
XO Offers Business Continuity Planning Guide
Sports Camera Lets You Web The Surf
Qwest Offers Synchronous Service Transport For Massive Bandwidth
Backhaul Upgrades For Wireless Broadband
Metro Ethernet Has Cost and Performance Advantages
Telecommunication DS3 Affordable For Business
Cricket Offers Advantages For Urban Dwellers
The Post Paid Calling Card Advantage
T1 Telephony Has Many Flavors
Qwest Brings 100 Gbps to Your Business
Instant Toll Free Numbers
Samsung Reclaim is Green and Free
New Role for Wireless as Wireline Backup
Hosting Nation Offers Low Cost Web Hosting For Everyone

August, 2009
Is Your Old RAZR Getting Dull?
Covad Ethernet Now Cheaper Than T1
Welcome To The Big Bandwidth Era
LG enV Envy Touch Phone Messaging Machine
Foul Odor of Decaying Prepaid Calling Cards
Cash For Clunker Cell Phones

QT Talk is Both VoIP and Dial-Around
Fiber Optic Networks Need Denser Wavelength Multiplexing To Meet Demand
T1 Lines For MPLS Access
Plain Old Telephone Service For Business
It’s a Camera and a Movie Theater
Text Messaging To The Stars
Clearest International Calls on Your Cell Phone
What’s Coming with Snow Leopard?
Scale Into Toll Free Number Service
Ethernet Takes Over, Mbps Prices Fall
Cell Phone Plans With Aircards
MPLS Networks for Global Enterprises
Fractional ISDN PRI For Telephone Savings

Undercover Laptop Sleeve Computer Cloaking Device
Palm Pre Sets You Free

July, 2009
VPLS Connects Your Many LANs
Motorola EM330 Titanium is FREE

Multi Protocols Network Services
New Ethernet Internet Finder Service
We Welcome a New iMac to the Family
Is Dial-Up Internet Doomed?

Dynamic T-1 Offers Business Savings
You Are A WiFi Finder
Video-Film Production Bandwidth
DS3 Router Included With Service
With Hosting You Get Domains
Phone Toll-Free Service
Cell Phone Wireless Broadband
Ethernet Port At Your Door
What is ISDN and Why Do I Want It?
Motorola Karma's Gonna Get You
Rural Broadband Stimulus Hopes To One-Up Dial-up
Local Telephone Service Provider Options
Wavelength Services For The Enterprise

Military Surplus Telephone Equipment
Is MagicJack The Next Ma Bell?
Ethernet Is The New T1

June, 2009
10 Gig E WAN Comes To The Enterprise
Talking Cheap on the QT
It's a Sidekick and a Running Mate
Lower Rate Long Distance Options
T1 Sales Support Services
4G Wireless Quietly Encroaching on 3G
LAN to WAN Ethernet Connections
Triple Play Helps Wireline Fight Satellite
AboveNet Leads in High Bandwidth Ethernet Connectivity
Time to Move to HD Video Cameras
Managed Services Give Small Companies an Edge
Mozy Wants To Be Momma's Backup
MiFi Hotspot Comes to Sprint
Can iPhone 3G S Be The Universal Gadget?
Juniper Has Routers For The 100 Gbps WAN
Samsung Memoir Phone Captures Memories
VoIP is For Smaller Companies Too
High Bandwidth Dissimilar Line Bonding From Mushroom Networks
Cellular Netbooks Are Downright Cheap
T-Mobile 3G Aircard For PC and Mac
Set Up Secure Remote Computer Access

May, 2009
Sell T1 Lines as an Income Booster
Have Your Computer Repaired Online
ISDN PRI Offers Caller ID
Novatel MiFi 2200 Makes YOU a WiFi Hotspot
Daddy Wants a BlackBerry
Running With Your Computer
Nokia E71x Smartphone Mixes Business With Pleasure
Ethernet Internet Is a Reality
T1 Rex Is On The Kindle
The AccuConference Cost Advantage
LG Xenon Exotic Messaging Phone
Are We Finally Out of IPv4 Addresses?
I'm Not Paying For That Aircard
Why Bandwidth is Cheap Downtown
Behold The Samsung Behold Espresso and Rose
Can The Big Amazon Kindle DX Save The Newspapers?
The Impressive Samsung Impression Phone
It's Doom For Calling Cards
T1 vs SIP For Business Telephone
Fiber Optic Speeds Come to Cable
Special Triple Savings To Call International

April, 2009
Get Your BlackBerry 8830 Before President Obama
Point to Point Lines Connect Dealerships
Yes, There IS Rural Broadband For Businesses
Speedier Network For The iPhone
Telephone and Internet for Chain Stores
Going Green Office Tips
Get 300 Free Minutes With a Net10 Phone
NobelCom Offers Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards
Who Wants A Computer In Their Car?
T-1 Digital Telephone Lines
Profit From The Bandwidth Price Wars
Do You Have The Instinct For Covert Ops?
Online Photo Storage Offers Protection
Is That A Game Or A Netbook?
XO Communications Ups the Ante on Ethernet
Get Paid To Celebrate National Cell Phone Recycling Week
Vanity, Thy Number is Toll Free
Google's Plan To Chew Up Microsoft
Ghost Routers In The Sky
Cheaper Optical Carrier Services
Economic Woes Drive Rural Telegraphy Initiative

March, 2009
The Analog Telephone Adaptor Enables VoIP
Metro Ethernet for Faster Access Connections
Craving the Motorola ZN4 Krave
Conference Bridge to Everywhere
Cisco's Unified Computing Cuts Costs and Power
AT&T Sees the Video Tsunami Coming
Cisco Steps In Front Of The Video Parade
Copper WAN Bandwidth Headed to 500 Mbps
Where to Get a 1-800 Number Cheap
Green Your Cell Phone For St. Patrick's Day
Bandwidth Stimulus For The Boonies
The LG Versa-tile Phone
You Pay Too Much For Phone Service
Accessories After The Fact
Goose Your Technical Service Business
Other Flavors of Packet Voice
Buy, Buy BlackBerry
Business Broadband That's Dedicated to You
Sales Lead Generation in a Recession
Cheaper DS3 Connections
On a Red Hot Rant With Samsung

February, 2009
4G Wireless Broadband Wars This Year
600,000 Inquiries, No Waiting
IP Phones Are In Demand
Store Your Files For Free
DTV Transition For Wireless Mic Users
AT&T HSUPA Aircards Have the Edge Over EDGE
Amazon's Kindle Tells Bedtime Stories
Managed IP Networks Enable Voice and Data Convergence
Shine On, LG, Shine On
New Online Tool Finds Better International Long Distance Rates
Tel3Advantage Valentine Calling Special
Get Paid to Take a Cell Phone
GigE For Business Not So Far-Fetched
Technicians at Your Beck and Call
Try VoIP Phone Service For Under $10 a Month
T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone Gets Vocal
Apartment Manager's Little Money Maker
Oh, Mandi, They Came and You Gave Them My Number
700 MHz Groundhogs Look For DTV Shadow

January, 2009
It's Pink Cell Phone Season Again
How BlackBerry Touch Screen Technology Works
So Much Network Congestion You Could Just Burst
How Aircards Work For Mobile Computing
Finding Information on PBX Telephone Systems Pricing
Cell Phone Family Plans for Professionals
Cheaper Alternatives to Prepaid Phone Cards
DS3 Speed Challenged By EoC
Can Hotels Afford to Upgrade Bandwidth?
A Time for Entrepreneurs
Manage Your Cables Before They Manage You
Fiber Is The New Infrastructure
Reducing Call Center Costs
International Cell Phone Calls for Pennies
GoToMeeting Really is Like Being There
Will Cell Phones Replace Laptop Computers?
Prepaid Business Calling Controls Phone Expense
Can Copper Really Replace Fiber?
Preserve Your IT Budget

Can Wireless Broadband Displace DSL and Cable?
Red, Red, LG Vu Wine


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