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2012 Article Post List for the Telexplainer
A map of the most recent content, organized by month posted.

December, 2012
Technologies That Should Stay in 2012
Will 2013 Be Your Year of the Cloud?
Lock In Telecom Cost Savings For Next Year
A Kissing Hand For The Sandy Hook Elementary Students
EoDS1 Extends Ethernet over Copper Distance
High Reliability VoIP Phone Service Providers
Different Types of VPN Providers
Your Chance to Invent Payphone 2.0
Next Stop 100 Gbps WAN Bandwidth
Cloud Based Unified Communications
Long Range Ethernet Goes Beyond The LAN
Cloud Computing Appropriate For Small Business

November, 2012
Instant Metro Ethernet Provider Maps
1000 Mbps SONET or Gigabit Ethernet Options
Eastern Tennessee Gets Lit for Business Fiber Optic Service
MPLS Networks Simplified
Dark Fiber Services to 400 Gbps
Samsung Galaxy S III Supports Verizon 4G LTE
Earth to Cloud Network Security Solutions
Fiber Optic Speed Using Ethernet over Copper
Will Elastic Bandwidth Help Your Company?
Why Cloud Data Centers Are Multiplying

October, 2012
Easy Way to Build an Online Store
Electronic Medical Records and Connectivity Boost Healthcare Efficiency
How to Get Your Business Phones For Free
Advantages of a Wireless Business Continuity Plan
MPLS Network Design Supports Global Business
Secure To The Core Cloud Hosting

September, 2012
Fiber Optic vs Ethernet over Copper Connections
Secure Any Public WiFi Hotspot
Cloud Hosted IP PBX For Features and Cost Savings
Zayo Lights Denver With Expanded Fiber Optic Network Services
MegaPath Puts Your Complete Office In The Cloud

August, 2012
How Does a VoIP Call Work?

July, 2012
Metro Ethernet Networking Technology
Dark Fiber for Bandwidth and Security
SOHO VoIP Phone Service With Two Lines at $8.33/mo
Cloud Server vs Cloud Backup
Send Fax From Email On Your Computer or Smartphone
Fiber Optic Private Lines
Out Of The Recession, Into The Cloud
What To Do With Old Cell Phones and Electronics
Why Have Reseller Hosting When You Don’t Resell Anything?
What is Cloud Computing For Business?
Virtual Computing, Storage and Security for Latin America
Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting
Connectivity Expansion With Multiple T1 Lines
Give Yourself Enough Time to Save on Telecom Costs
Power From The People To The People
Cloud IT Online Backup For Business

June, 2012
Better Network Connectivity Into France
Copper While Waiting For Fiber
All My Access Is In Texas
Why Colocate To An Omaha Data Center
Hosted Network Monitoring Services
Recycle Your Cell Phones and Electronics For Cash
Hosted Exchange Email Service Advantages
Website Hosting Services A Bovine Beyond The Cow of Duty
Ethernet In The First Mile Advantages
A New Cloud In IT Managed Services
Get a Free Domain Name for a Limited Time
What is VPLS Bringing to MPLS Networks?
Dual Core, Quad Core, Up to 64 Core Managed Dedicated Servers
Best VoIP Providers For Business
Business Fiber Optic Connections Nearby
Try Social Media Marketing Services Free
Ethernet Over Copper Companies Expand Services
Business Telephone Systems Hosted VoIP Advantages
Green Hosting Reduces Environmental Issues
Point to Point Dedicated T1
Green Hosting Free Domain Name

May, 2012
20 to 100 Mbps Metro Ethernet
How Does Cloud Computing Work In Business?
Increasing T1 Speed
Connectivity For Multi-Business Buildings
Should You Buy VoIP as a Service?
Optical Ethernet Connections To The World
Crowdsourcing In Lieu of Outsourcing
Business Phone Goes Hosted
Payroll Software In The Cloud For Small Business
Symmetrical Internet Providers
A Bottomless Battery For Your Smartphone and Tablet
3 Mbps to 6 Mbps Bonded Internet Access
Getting Network Connections Into Europe
Commercialize Your Training Courses Easily
1 Gbps Point to Point Ethernet Connection
Many Ways To Connect To MPLS Networks
Benefit From The Great CAPEX to OPEX Migration
Why Get Fiber Services From A Cable Company?
Take a Bow For the SIP Revolution
Concentric Cloud Solutions Virtualizes Your Business
T1 or Better Internet Service

April, 2012
10 Mbps Up and Down
Celebrate Arbor Day With Hosting That Plants Trees
Options For Network Connectivity
Internet Service Without The Outages
Differences Between Fiber and EoC
Can SIP Trunking Supplant ISDN PRI?
Put Some Sanity Back In Your Email
T3 Bandwidth And Its Competitors
Latest Evidence Of An Ethernet Juggernaut
Can You Benefit From New Cloud Networks?
Eco Friendly Hosting $3.75/mo.
How The Cloud Is Making Obsolescence Obsolete
Can Hosted Voice Cut Your Phone Costs In Half?
The Age Of Managed Networks Is Upon Us
Dynamically Allocate T1 Service
Fiber Optic vs Copper 50 Mbps
Shopping For High Speed Options
Disaster Recovery Is Now a Service
10 Mbps Is The New T1
Private Networking With Wavelength Services
Ethernet and Colocation For Texas Business

March, 2012
EoC Takes On Fractional DS3
Your Own Private Information Superhighway
1 Gbps Ethernet Service To The Internet
How To Deal With Sudden Massive Bandwidth Demands
T1 Line Attributes
New Enterprise Ready Colocation in San Francisco
Bandwidth Management Gets Easier With Ethernet
Increase Bandwidth Without Increasing Costs
5 Ways to Access An MPLS Network
Can You Save 50% With Unified Communications?
Ethernet Bandwidth For Rural Areas
The PBX Disappears With Hosted Voice
VPLS over MPLS Connects Locations Worldwide
3 Mbps T1 vs EoC Throwdown
How The Cloud Provides Virtualization For The SMB
Transforming the WAN Into The Smart WAN
What’s The Best Business Internet Service?
Mix and Match Interconnection Services With Telx
Hosted SharePoint For Content and Collaboration
Finding The 100 Megabit Connection
How Capital Starved Companies Upgrade Technology
Why International MPLS Connections Make Sense

February, 2012
New Low Latency Fiber Optic Services For Atlanta
New Carrier Ethernet Services Offered by CE 2.0
Why T1 Is Available Where Other Line Services Aren’t
How To Find Better Metro E Service Prices
Double Bonded T1 Cost and Alternatives
Cross-Border Private Line Services
Your Ethernet Connection To The World
IT Training Videos Get You Up to Speed
Bandwidth Cost Reduction Ideas
T1 and EoC When There Is No Fiber
AboveNet Offers Gigabit Ethernet For Enterprises
What’s Wrong With Bring Your Own Bandwidth?
Cheap Used Cell Phones For Sale
High Speed Internet For Business
Microsoft Communications In The Integra Cloud
Backup Your Gmail and Google Apps While You Can
What Ethernet over Copper Is All About
How Maestro Smart Antenna Improves Fixed Wireless
Level 3 Vyvx Connects The Super Bowl
What Is VoIP For Business?

January, 2012
WAN Providers Bandwidth Service Options
Call Center Contact Center Phone Service
Ethernet over TDM
Press Releases Get Social
Mobile Wireless 3G Broadband
Hosted Voice Goes Mobile
Hosted Social Commerce Apps For Facebook
Free 6-Way Desktop and Mobile Video Calls
10 Gigabit Ethernet For Business
One SIP Trunk Beats Two T1 Lines
Fixed Wireless Moving To 4G
Free E-Books to Get More Sales Leads
New and Used Verizon Cell Phones
Find Fiber On-Net Buildings
What is an Ethernet Connection?
Gigabit WiFi For Video Streaming
E911 For Enterprise VoIP
EarthLink Offers Healthcare IT Resources
Office Telephone Service Via Cloud
What Is Toll Free?
The Ubiquitous Cloud of 2012
Backing Down In The Face of Twitter


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