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2010 Article Post List for the Telexplainer
A map of the most recent content, organized by month posted.

December, 2010
No Luck Returning Christmas Gifts? Recycle!
Add International Capability To Your Cell Phone
The Easy Way To Host Lots Of Domains
Small Business Merchant Accounts
Metro E Prices Reduced
Find A T1 Line For Your Business
100 Mbps Corporate Ethernet
Ethernet over Copper Is The New Telephone Line
Pick Unlimited Toll Free Numbers
MPLS Network Services
Colocation vs Cloud Services
Moving on From SONET To Ethernet
Ethernet over Copper Rising Rapidly
Sell Your Free Cell Phone For Cash
What Leased Line Service Providers Offer
Is Metro Ethernet Available?
Internet Bandwidth Connections For Business
Why Choose An MPLS VPN?
Recycle Your Cell Phone To Save A Gorilla
Advantage of Colocation Services
What is Metro E?

November, 2010
Bonded T1 Solution Increases Bandwidth
BlackBerry Picking On Cyber Monday
A Plethora of Free Android Phones
Cash In Old Gadgets To Buy New Gadgets
Even Lower Latency Connections To Chicago
Where Are T1 Lines Available?
It’s Free Phones Time For The Holidays
Benefits Of An MPLS Mesh Network
Switch to Switched Ethernet Service
Managed Hosting PBX Gets You Out Of The Telephone Business
Fiber Connectivity Options For Business
Make Mine Green Hosting
Smoothstone’s Converged IP Cloud Expanding To Europe
What Makes 10 Mbps Ethernet So Popular?
Why Content Delivery Networks Need More Capacity
How Bandwidth Can Affect Productivity
Load Up on Toll Free Numbers For Your Business
Ethernet MPLS Has Cost and Bandwidth Advantages
Reduce Expense of T3 or DS3
AboveNet Core Wave Makes Dedicated Wavelength Bandwidth Available
Ethernet Providers in Hot Competition

October, 2010
Call Overseas For Pennies From Your Cell Phone
MPLS Service Providers Link Your Business Locations
Ethernet Ports In a Data Storm
Level 3 Shows How The Converged Business Network Saves Money
Increasing Bandwidth By Pair Bonding
Pink Android Intercept Means Business
Why Ethernet Broadband For Business?
What XO’s 1,000,000 VoIP Customers Predicts
1.5 and 3.0 Gbps Uncompressed HD Video Transport
MiFi Points The Way to Wireless Transition
Gaining Ethernet Internet Access
How T1 and E1 Lines Compare
Bandwidth To Support Branch Offices
How Voice over MPLS Expands Enterprise VoIP
What Makes High Frequency Trading Work
T-Mobile G2 With Google is 4G
Still Your Best Toll Free Option
Your Point to Point Ethernet Connection
Why You Want A GigE Port
You’ll Believe This MAN Can Fly

Xperience the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

September, 2010
Broadview Networks OfficeSuite Brings The Cloud To SMB
Bandwidth For Data Center Consolidation
What is a PRI in VoIP?
Competitive Fiber Optic Service Nearby
Fascinated By The Samsung Fascinate
Managed Voice over MPLS For High Quality Enterprise Telephony
NetWolves Leverages The Power Of The Pack
International VPLS Offers Worldwide Connectivity
Try Cloud Website Load Testing Free
The Samsung Epic 4G offers Epic Performance
Ethernet over Copper Growing By Leaps and Bounds
Wireless SIP Trunking
Future Proofing Your WAN With Ethernet
Avoid DNS Cache Poisoning With UltraDNS
POS For Temporary Store Locations
International Dedicated Internet Access
VPLS Is The Ethernet Cloud
The Siren Song of Cloud Computing
BlackBerry Torch Fires Up Mobile Business
Free Help On Your Telecom Needs
ENLAN Spans The Nation

August, 2010
Cloud Recovery Mirrors Your Servers and Data
Enterprise SIP Trunking Consolidates Phone Lines
Are You A Sentio Being?
Telephony In The Cloud
Insatiable Demand For Ethernet Bandwidth
MPLS VPN Access Solutions
Cloud Networking Services Extend Business Footprint
Samsung Intercept Brings Free Android Smartphone to Sprint
Voice And Data On One Line
Why Look For Fiber Lit Buildings?
The Importance Of Buying Ernest
Low Latency Connections Bridge The Atlantic
Samsung Intercept Android Phone Goes NASCAR
E-NNI Helps Ethernet Go Global
Making The Move For Higher Bandwidth
Metro Fiber Network Bandwidth For Denver
Ethernet over DS3 Advantage
Captivated By Samsung’s Android Phone
The Case For Telecom Copper
T1 Broadband For Rural Business
Windstream’s Enterprise Level Managed Security
Business Booming For Telx Interconnection and Colocation

July, 2010
Your Ally In The Android vs iPhone Battle
Cash In With Custom Toll Free Numbers
Business Ethernet Vs T1
Finding An Ethernet Internet Provider
MPLS Bandwidth A Bargain
HTC Aria Social Networking Smartphone
XO Nails Down SIP Trunking Savings
Covad and ADTRAN Make Everything Ethernet
Medical Records Head To The Cloud
Recycle Your BlackBerry Phone For Cash
What To Do If You Hate Your Internet Service
Why Colo Bandwidth Pricing Is Lowest
Why Are VoIP and SIP Trunking So Popular?
Ethernet In The First Mile
4G Wireless Expands Across The Nation
Recycle Video Games and Gaming Systems
HDBaseT Looks To Unseat HDMI
Is There a Broadband Stimulus Job For You?
For Free Phone Aficionados Only
Toll Free Number Availability Now
OC3 Bandwidth Costs Just A Fraction Of What It Did

June, 2010
Ethernet VPLS Extends Your LAN Network
Ciena Takes New Bandwidth Technologies On The Road
How to Get Lower Merchant Processing Rates
What Is Lowering Gigabit Ethernet Bandwidth Pricing?
USA Digital Offers Comprehensive Call Center Services
MPLS VPN Advantages
Fiber Ethernet WAN Bandwidth Advantages
Find The Ethernet Internet Connection
So Many Free Phones Online
Metro Ethernet vs T1 Lines
Fiber Optic DWDM Up to 100 Gbps Per Wavelength
What’s the Difference Between WiMAX and WiFi
MPLS Networks In Demand And Competitive
Telx Minimizes Latency WIth Colocation Near Carriers
Dark Fiber Network Expansion Underway
A New Edge On Private IP Networks
Computer Recycling Easier Than Ever
Fixed Wireless Broadband Includes Canada & Puerto Rico
Try Toll Free Service FREE For 14 Days
Flat Rate vs Pay As You Go Conference Calling

May, 2010
Cell Phone Shock Is So Easy To Avoid
Fixed Wireless Broadband Services For Business
From LAN to MAN to WAN
Fiber Plus Copper Equals High Bandwidth
Tech’s Moo Poo Buy Plan
You’re Not Throwing Out That Cell Phone, Are You?
Add International Calling To Your Cell Phone
Qwest Embraces Ethernet over Copper to Reach Rural Business Locations
Transparent LAN Service for WAN Bandwidth
Why Managed MPLS Networking Services
Browser Based Video Conferencing and Webinars
Amazing Sonos S5 Wireless Whole House Music System
Merchant Account Credit Card Processing Made Easy
Fiber Optic Communications Without The Fiber
How Telarus GeoScan Finds Better Network Deals
Trunk Calls Soothe Lonely Elephants
Two Routes to Virtual Private Networking
Ethernet Connections To The World
Free Cell Phones Galore

April, 2010
Netflix Embracing Both DVD and VOD
What is 4G and Why Do You Want It?
Ethernet Over Fiber Needed By Business
The Need for Low Latency Networks
Ethernet Over Copper Can Be A Lifesaver
The Gift of Bandwidth For Administrative Professionals
Earth Day Means Money For Electronics Recycling
3G 4G Mobile Bandwidth
Get Your Mobo On For Long Work Sessions
iWeb To Help Queenie The Elephant
Houston, We’ve Got A 4G Solution
Drowning In A Sea Of Free Cell Phones
WiMAX 2 Will Challenge Fiber For Speed
No LAN Is An Island
Nokia Nuron Smart Phone Without The Price
4G WiMAX Wireless Broadband Available Now
Ethernet Point of Presence Locator
How Growing Companies Buy Bandwidth
Tysons Corner Gets Wireless Network Connections
Fiber Optic ISP
HTC HD2 Smartphone With Movies
FCC Confiscates Remaining TV Channels For Twitter

March, 2010
Metro Ethernet over Copper
40 Gbps Bandwidth Available For Business
Dedicated vs Shared Internet Access
Ethernet Over Copper Can Be A Steal
Advantage of Independent Toll Free Numbers
PAETEC Adds Intrusion Detection For MPLS Networking
Can Ethernet Enable Electronic Health Care?
The Motorola ROKR Rocks On
1,000,000 Miles of Metro Ethernet Fiber And Growing
CLEAR Sailing for 4G Wireless
Ether Rabbit Finds Cheap Ethernet Fast
DS3 Internet Service Options
An Android Phone to Devour
The DS1 DS3 Relationship
Biggest Cisco Router Yet
Trade In Your T1 Line For 10 Mbps Ethernet
Looking For A Lit Building?
Internet Soothes The Savage Beasts
Low Price Toll Free Numbers
Don’t Be Part Of The Impending Worldwide E-Waste Crisis
The Rose Is On The Bloom

February, 2010
Prepaid Cell Phones Are Cheap
Olympic Curling’s Got Its Eye On The Hog
Diverse Connections For Data Centers
Telecom Cost Savings Strategies
Magic Mouse Is Here To Save The Day
Is Twitter Really 75 Years Old?
Covad Offers A Nationwide MPLS VPN Network For Business
Year of the Tiger Poken
RingCentral Makes Your Office Mobile
Price Your Telecom Lines Before You Move
The Fiber Gold Rush Is On
Maxed Out On Bandwidth?
Ethernet Over Copper Vs T1
Try Internet Fax For Free
They Buy Used Cell Phones
Tech Jobs Come Calling
Is The End Of Cellular Phone Near?
Managed Hosting Service
DS3 Speeds Without DS3 Prices

January, 2010
Call China From Your Car
iPad Jones. I’ve Got An iPad Jones
There’s $$$ In E-Waste
The Internet Launches Into Space
GigaMAN and Gigabit Ethernet Services
Strategies For The Hunkered Down Economy
When Networks Get Too Big To Fail
Democracy In a Cell Phone
Virtual Private Network Definition
A Smartphone of Mythic Proportions
Is Voice Over MPLS The New PSTN?
USB 3.0 Offers Gbps Data Transfers
Integrating Social Media And Reality
So, What Does ISDN Stand For?
Ethernet DS3 Bandwidth Comparison

Going Incognito With Sanyo and Sprint
POTS Panned
Poken Pulse Business Networking Gadget
Low Cost 800 Numbers For You
Advantages of Virtual Business Travel


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