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2011 Article Post List for the Telexplainer
A map of the most recent content, organized by month posted.

December, 2011
The Next Decade of Bandwidth - Part V
The Next Decade of Bandwidth - Part IV
The Next Decade of Bandwidth - Part III
The Next Decade of Bandwidth - Part II
The Next Decade of Bandwidth - Part I
Last Minute Online Gifts For Good
DS1 Bandwidth vs Ethernet
Copper First, Then Fiber Bandwidth Solution
Copper Bandwidth Connections Push 1 Gbps
Cyber Security Threat Protection In the Cloud
Optical Wireless Broadband To 1 Gbps
Handle Big Data With Big Bandwidth
Best VoIP Providers For Business
T1 Line With Instant Wireless Backup
Vocal IP Networx Offers Free SNMP Monitoring
Call Centers Move To the Cloud
600 Mbps Ethernet vs OC12 SONET
Top Enterprise Cloud Solutions
Fixed Wireless For Rural Retail
Ethernet Networks Interconnect in Arizona
150 Mbps Ethernet vs OC3 Cost
Cloud Connection Centers Go Beyond Colocation

November, 2011
Extending Ethernet over MPLS Networks
10 Gigabit Bandwidth Options
Texas Fiber Optic Network Expansion
FREE HTC Wildfire S White For The Holidays
Fiber Optic Wavelength Services for San Francisco and Silicon Valley
OC-48 Pricing Reductions Make 2.5 Gbps Affordable
What is Ethernet Service?
Cloud Hosting Providers For Converged Networks
DS3 and Fractional DS3 Broadband
Gigabit Ethernet Port Scales WAN Bandwidth
Level 3 Network Connections Into Mexico
RAZR Reincarnation
Hosted VoIP Can Improve Telephone Reliability
Pricing Slashed For Michigan 100 Mbps Business Internet
Vyvx and Genesis Offer Worldwide Video Transport
New York City Internet Infrastructure
100 Mbps Internet for Business
Is Mobility Killing Your Company?
CAS vs PRI Voice Channels
Internet Wholesale Bandwidth Options
Enterprise Communications Services To The Cloud

October, 2011
SONET Rings To Support Ethernet
Combine T1 Lines For Higher Speed
Get Your Building Fiber Lit For Free
Ethernet Internet Service Access For Business
A Dedicated Line Between Offices
IP WAN over MPLS Advantages
Metro Ethernet vs MPLS Networking
EarthLink Means Business With 10 GigE Fiber
Types of VPN Connections
Fiber Lit Towers Improving Rural Broadband
Who Still Needs a T1?
Ethernet Gigabit Prices On Demand
Cloud Computing For Disaster Recovery
Is HPBX Your Next PBX?
Dedicated Bandwidth vs Cable
Ethernet over Copper Connects Nationwide
Ethernet Service Providers Offer Cost Savings
When More Bandwidth Doesn’t Help
Hosted VoIP Solutions Include New Phones
Fiber Optic Direct Connections To The Cloud
Why The Smart WAN Beats A Dumb Pipe

September, 2011
Flat Rate Toll Free Numbers
Copper Ethernet Line Prices Instantly!
Multi-Carrier WAN MPLS Solution
GigE and FastE Bandwidth Services
Ethernet over Copper Reviving The Local Loop
VoIP Trunk Service Providers
Disruptive Metro Ethernet over Fiber Pricing Arrives
SIP over MPLS for Enterprise VoIP
Managed Security Moves To The Cloud
Instant Ethernet Fiber Network Quotes
PRI Phone Line Connections
WAN Computer Network Connections
Hosted Cloud Computing
MegaPath Pushes EoC to 400 Mbps
T1 Line Cost At A New Low
What Is a DS3 Circuit Or T3 Line?
Virtual Hosted PBX VoIP

GigE Ethernet Private Lines
Business Internet Connection Service
Get a Toll Free Number Instantly
Ethernet over Copper Data Service

August, 2011
Managed Hosting in Clouds and Colos
SIP Trunking Providers Want Your Bandwidth
Can You Save 50% On Telecom Costs?
Cloud vs Premises Contact Center Costs
How HD Audio Will Transform VoIP
Wireless Internet Access For Farms
MPLS Point to Point Alternative
IP T1 Line Service
Why Buy a Used Cell Phone?
Why NOT to Buy a New PBX
Fast Ethernet over Copper
3G Fixed Wireless For Business
Managed Web Application Hosting
Flat Rate vs Per Minute Toll Free Service
Backup and Recovery For All Businesses
Cost Performance Advantage of Ethernet over Copper
Cloud Based Services With Free Trial Offers
Customer Service Using Clouds and Social Networks
Textbooks Move To The iPad
EoC and EoTDM Complement Fiber
As Travel Becomes Costlier, Online Meetings Look Better
Telecom Providers Build Their Own Clouds

July, 2011
SIP Trunking and Internet On a T1
Have Documents Signed In The Cloud
Triple Play For Business
Business Broadband and Phone Comparison
Move Your Paper Files To The Cloud
Stress Testing For Your Website
POTS Phone Service For Multiple Locations
Can You Believe 200 Mbps EoC?
$8.33/mo Small Business & Residential VoIP
For Green Hosting, Come to Papa
NobelDialer Makes International Phone Cards Painless
Low Latency WAN Options
Pay As You Go Broadband
Advantages of SSL VPN
Get Cash For Your Used or Broken iPhone
IP Exchange - The Final Piece For VoIP
Cloud Hosting vs VPS
Pair Bonding Boosts T1 and EoC Speed
Happy 4th of July
Cloud On The Cheap

June, 2011
Fiber Maps At Your Fingertips
Smoothstone Offers Awareness In the Cloud
Moving From OC-3 Bandwidth To Ethernet
Cheaper Business Broadband Abounds
US and UK Shopping Cart Software
What Is MPLS?
Why Demand a SAS 70 Type II Data Center?
Low Latency Fiber Routes To Europe and Asia
Pair Bonding and Distance Determine Ethernet Speed
Online Backup For Disaster Recovery
PRI over Cable Cost Savings
How To Reduce Your Business Wireless Costs
Choosing Dark Fiber vs Lit Fiber Service
How to Get a Web Presence For Your Business
Ethernet Now Faster and Cheaper Than T1
Taming The Video Bandwidth Monster
Cheaper Connections To The Cloud
Build Your Own Private Cloud Storage
Voice over Internet Protocol Phone Services
Fiber Optic Bandwidth For Remote Backup

May, 2011
EtherSphere Spans The World With Ethernet
The Rush To Cloud Service Data Centers
GTT Expands Ethernet Footprint With PacketExchange
Is 1 Tbps The Next Optical Network Standard?
Global Crossing Ups Ante On Network Security
Smartphone Charger and Backup Battery
Fiber Buildings Offer High Bandwidth
Cloud Communications Advantages Explained
MegaPath Merges Integrated and Hosted Voice
Wavelength Services vs Dark Fiber
DROID 2 Global is a World Phone
MAN and MEN - Metropolitan Networking
Telx Cloud Exchange Reduces Service Lag Time
Gigabit Ethernet vs SONET
Cable, T1 and EoC
Computer Tech Support Online - Free Diagnosis
MPLS VPLS Private LAN Service
100 Mbps Ethernet over Copper Rivals Fiber
Ethernet over Copper Solutions
Business Internet Access Companies

April, 2011
HTC ThunderBolt Screams On LTE
Environmentally Friendly Hosting is Super Green
Finding Fiber Lit Buildings
Cloud Hosting With a Free Trial
What Is a PRI Line?
UK Domains and Web Hosting
Ethernet over Fixed Wireless Broadband
WordPress Hosting Made Cheap and Easy
FastE Is The New DS3
Email Hosting Without A Website
Broadband Business Internet Service Options
Namecheap Is That And More
The Coming Level 3 Global Crossing Juggernaut
The Green Way To Get Documents Signed
Website Reseller Hosting For One
Dotster Eco-Friendly Hosting Commitment

Broadband Ethernet Internet Services
Redundant Business Internet Connection Using Cable Broadband
SMB Phone System Needs Only Phones
Go Daddy CEO Elephant Debacle
Clod Computing Challenges The Cloud

March, 2011
Where Competition Is Cutting Telecom Costs
Fixed Mobile Convergence Includes Android and iPhone
Ethernet Services over Copper
Colocation and Connectivity in Miami
Rise Of The Cloud Hosted PBX
D3 vs DS3 Bandwidth Choices
VoIP Phone Service Provides Flexibility
From CAPEX to OPEX In The Cloud
Unlimited International Landline Calls
Boost Ethernet over Copper Speed in 60 Minutes
Meshed MPLS Forms a Cloud of Clouds
Where Hosted PBX Solutions Save
Why Managed IT Services Are So Popular
Low Cost Cloud Backup For Business
Infrastructure as a Service Providers
SMB Cloud Computing Portfolio
5x5 Mbps Ethernet over Copper Saves Money
Computing In The Cloud
Sell Your Old or Broken Laptop For Cash
What Type of Data Center Connectivity Do You Need?
Dark Fiber Community Builds Infrastructure
Enterprise Cloud Communications Arrives

February, 2011
Is DS-3 Bandwidth An Endangered Species?
Job Posting Tool Offers Free Trial
20x20 Mbps Ethernet over Copper
Cloud Computing and WAN Bandwidth
Broadband Ethernet Connections
Using T1 Between Offices
Document Digital Signature Made Fast and Easy
Integrated Access Using Ethernet over Copper
Metropolitan Area Networks
New Data Center Networking Solutions
Will You Save With Fractional Line Services?
What is Metro Ethernet?
New Phoenix Data Center Offers Colocation Services
Managed IP Services Cloud
HFC Broadband For Business
Low Latency Fiber Network For Orange County
WDM Wavelength Services Offer Expandability
50 Mbps Ethernet Takes on DS3
Types of Business Telephone Lines
3x3 Mbps Ethernet Doubles Your Bandwidth

January, 2011
DIA and VPN For Europe
Metro Ethernet MPLS Combo
Benefits of a Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection
Ethernet over Copper vs Bonded T1
Content Delivery Networks Transformed
A Myriad of Business Broadband Options
866 Toll Free Numbers
Gigabit Wireless For TDM and IP Transport
IP Transit vs Peering vs DIA
Ethernet Exchange For Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles
WAN Network Design Options
Ethernet Private Line Service With Granular Bandwidth
SIP Trunks vs ISDN PRI
100 Mbps Colocation Center Bandwidth
Do You Need A Managed Security Services Provider?
The Multiple Data Center Dilemma
Fixed Mobile Convergence Comes To the Cloud
2x2 Ethernet Takes on T-1
More Ultra Low Latency Bandwidth For Europe
Business VoIP Solution Options
Telexplainer Expectations For 2011


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